Focused. Driven. Experienced.

We have a history of exceeding expectations, improving sales, launching successfully and securing stature in our client’s and partner’s industries.

200%-1,000% Sales Increases. Ideas becoming Assets. Effort becoming Fruitful.

Helping artists, innovators, entrepreneurs and construction developers achieve their missions.


“Leveraging my experience from over $250 Million in projects (and small startups),

I analyze, identify and resolve the means & methods necessary for success.

Then WE design and execute a plan to achieve success, together…with a team.”

– Mark Mahar, President/CEO

Over 20 years of rallying talent capable of exceeding expectations…and delivering.

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Analysis & Strategy

Understanding risks, obstacles, opportunities and profit…before starting a project, product, company or launch can be the single most beneficial exercise in making fruitful business decisions. Count on us to bring creative and useful insight.


Executing on a new product, project, property or artist rollout has been my personal focus for over 30 years.


We have been industry tested – Aviation, Entertainment, Education, Construction, Licensing and B2B Services – we have a long history of providing management for complex projects, companies and enterprise solutions (to create assets in a marketplace).