About Us

When you solve one problem (or

eliminate one obstacle) a new one immediately takes its place.

Since 2000, Mark Mahar and his team have been traveling the country in support of inspired entrepreneurs.  What was started as a holding company for Mark’s personal intellectual properties and holdings has become a resource for many businesses and artists.

Our clients include artists, inventors, production companies, writers, campaign managers, agents, corporations…and other consultants.

We serve the aviation, retail, automotive, medical billing, construction, real estate, entertainment, hospitality, liesure and service industry with equal talent.

We have a history of INNOVATING: launch, delivery, funding and resource solutions – limiting overhead – “getting great ideas off the ground”.

Our consultants and team members are unusually diverse in their core talents.

We can start a project in one official capacity and are capable of evolving with the natural progress of things.

Our role evolves as your success reveals new obstacles.

We boast about our experience and excellence with one thing in mind: We can change hats as fast as your problems do.  This agility allows us to emulate our typical clients…and answer the multitude of gaps that exist in their small business infrastructure.

What is it “about us” that makes us special?:  We make bold promises and we keep our promises.

Promise #1: We will be useful.