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MaharEnterprises.com LEGAL DISCLAIMER
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS WEBSITE (site) and Mahar Enterprises, Inc. (MEInc).

We do our best to verify the facts and details of all information listed on this site (whether internal, submitted, or externally linked).  Nonetheless, we respectfully acknowledge that this site may contain occasional errors, omissions and/or flawed information resulting from human error, programming code, elapsed time or other circumstances beyond our control.  We reserve the right to correct, clarify, modify or remove any content on this site at any time, at our sole discretion.

If you see an Error, Omission, Misstatement or inadvertent Infringement that occurs within the pages of our web site (EOMI), we request that you notify our webmaster.  If you elect not to notify us of any EOMI that has come to your attention, said election shall act to indemnify MEInc against any related claim or liability by you for same.  It remains our aim to be accurate and clear in all content on this site.  Any notice or inquiry of EOMI occurrences received by our webmaster will be addressed promptly.
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Investment opportunities which are listed, published or solicited on this site (or solicitations made directly by MEInc personnel) may be wildly speculative and involve a high degree of risk. Investors or clients considering participation in said opportunities must be prepared to bear the economic risk of their investment for an indefinite period of time while also able to withstand a total loss of their investment. All investors are strongly encouraged to seek counsel of legal and financial professionals PRIOR to making any investments.

MEInc does not provide securities brokerage or investment counseling/advice services.

MEInc is not registered as a securities broker or dealer with any securities regulatory authority.

MEInc has NOT investigated the merits of every investment opportunity presented on this site (or those linked from this site) and makes no recommendations regarding the appropriateness of any particular investment opportunity for any particular purpose or investor. Investors must rely on his or her own due diligence investigation when determining the merits of any investment opportunity.

MEInc may hold an investor/owner/partner/equity interest (alongside other parties) in the projects that we undertake and promote. MEInc personnel measure and calculate acceptable levels of risk exclusively for MEInc (and not for clients, investors, partners, associates or any other non-MEInc party).

MEinc DOES specifically make claims, representations and forecasts throughout this site (and through internal documentation for clients) about the market potential of companies and opportunities that are directly OWNED or CO-OWNED by MEInc and/or MEInc PARTNERS (or as information for our clients to make educated decisions).  MEInc willingly discloses documentation that represents forward looking and speculative information [as we are the appropriate entity, possessing the most intimate knowledge of our own products, services & ideas or have been contracted to make speculations]).  Any information and claims made on behalf of MEInc remain speculative in nature and are presented only by legally eligible MEInc personnel.  We are in the business of developing strategies and forecasting the potential of ideas (for our in-house opportunities and for our clients).  Our opinions are not fact (nobody can predict the future).  Our opinions carry with them the bias of our perspective.  All investors, partners and clients are encouraged to exercise their own perspective and judgment (and particularly in determining whether or not legal or financial counsel is required to arrive at a favorable conclusion).  We create opportunities that we deem risk-worthy while disclosing and promoting those risks and opportunities to the best of our knowledge and ability (for the intellectual consumption of Partners, Clients and the general public).

To the extent permissible by law, MEInc does not investigate, verify, classify or otherwise accredit any investor or web visitor using MEInc’s web services/content nor does MEInc make any claim that the use of our services will satisfy the requirements of any particular exemption from registration or qualification under “accredited investor” laws. The users of MEInc’s services (and Investors/Partners in MEInc’s projects & opportunities) are advised to consult with their own advisors for guidance on compliance and are solely responsible for identifying and complying with federal and state registration requirements.

MEInc is not offering to sell (or soliciting an offer to buy) any securities. Any sale or purchase of securities or ownership interest that results from an MEInc introduction, or through information published on this site, shall be on a negotiated basis between the parties, at the sole risk of the parties (without any additional participation by or remuneration to MEInc).


MEInc is an Intellectual Property management and holding company for INNOVATORS and other creative interests (intellectual and physical).
MEInc does not accept UNSOLICITED information that relates to potential intellectual or patent/trademark property.
Any unsolicited information that is submitted or transmitted to MEInc, in any form, by any party shall be deemed “voluntary” on the part of the submitting party.  Voluntary disclosures made through voluntary submissions to MEInc (and that can be characterized as “unsolicited”) shall act to absolve and indemnify MEInc (as a device of submission) with regard to any and all liability for any claim of misuse or conflict of interest (including but not limited to: patent, trademark, copyright or other creative infringement against the unsolicited submitter or MEInc).  This paragraph is intended to include unsolicited email.

NOTE: Please do not submit CONFIDENTIAL CREATIVE INFORMATION to MEInc until you have received the appropriate transmittal request or submission authority and until your IDEA or PROPERTY can be assessed more generally by a member of our team (measured for its potential conflict or threat to OUR PROPERTY, CLIENTS and INTERESTS). We would enjoy helping you if you have an “IDEA” that you would like to discuss.  However, please see the “Trade Secrets” section of our website before contacting us.

If you need help understanding this or any other page of our website, you are invited to contact us.


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If any provision in these Terms of Use is (or becomes) invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect, and the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision (curtailing the invalid or unenforceable provision to the least extent possible).

All rights not expressly granted herein are hereby reserved. These Terms of Use are the entire and final agreement regarding this website and its content, and supersede any prior or contemporaneous communications between MEInc and you regarding this website and its content.