Mark Mahar – Bio

Mark MaharMark Mahar is a serial entrepreneur.  As a launch team member in over a dozen businesses – and consultant for countless others – Mark understands the nuance and logistics of bringing an idea to market – from conception to reality.  He launched his first business at age 16 (maintaining 20 vacation homes).  He understands people, markets, motivation and courage.  He also understands, first hand, the penalties and benefits associated with “business decisions”.  Mark has launched products & businesses with starting capital ranging from $20.00 to $2.5M.  He has served at executive and management level in the aviation, retail, construction, real estate, automotive, entertainment, production and insurance industries (and consulted in several others).

Philosophy - Mark’s ideas about business are reflected in seminars and training materials (Wake Up & Dream – the evolution of a business philosophy).  His personal business ideology drives him to  structure the “work” of business around the business owners (not the other way around).  He has helped many owners achieve a level of assimilation with their business, which equates to lower levels of stress and higher levels of productivity.  Mark has also accumulated a track-record of achieving great results at pennies on the dollar.

“In addition to designing around practical human demands (knowing that we all run out of steam or make mistakes, eventually), I also focus on the other aspect of business – BUDGET.  When I started my career I had to be frugal by necessity.  Necessity is truly the mother of invention.  I’ve invented many ways to eliminate costs and I’m pleased to share them with my clients & associates.  Those who come to know about the diversity of my projects, properties and clients will ask me, ‘How do you find the time to do all that?’.   I can only jump around (indulging my own creativity and ambition, as I see fit) because I have structured things to operate efficiently in my absence.  That’s what I do for my clients.  Nobody is perfect and there are occasional implosions…but I still look as young as I do because I know how to keep 37 years of life (let alone 20 years of business ownership) from kicking my *ss.

“I don’t believe an owner should be handcuffed to anything except their ambition (no vendor, web developer or supplier should have more executable agility and influence on a business than the business owner).  If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s removing handcuffs…in fact, most of what I know and learn is a result of someone attempting to put a pair of handcuffs on me or my business.” – Mark Mahar

Mark is not a believer in “market prices”.  Every requirement of business has a  price but there is no such thing as “the going rate” for any scope of work.  People drive the cost in any rollout (and creativity can compound savings – making “creative people” extremely valuable).  This is a mandate through the entire Mahar Enterprises, Inc. process – we seek first to stand on ”tangible return on investment” as a value determination for any proposal (and we stay “creative” until it proves worthy of pulling the trigger).  For investment and capital risk, this usually means we don’t stand behind anything if we can’t prove it will have a 300% ROI within 30Months.

Project Management & Consulting ($10k-18M).

FORMERLY LICENSED: Property & Casualty Insurance (MA); Life, Accident & Health Insurance (MA); Mortgage Salesperson (MA).

Marketing Campaign Management & Intellectual Property Management (ask him about his proprietary ”passive marketing” strategy).

Preventing vendors from handcuffing his business has forced Mark to DO and LEARN:

Video Production: Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Director & Editor

Web Developer, Graphic Editor, Programmer, IT Architecture.

Strategic Marketing - Search Engine Optimization - Windows Networking - Telephony – Printing & Publication.

Intellectual Property Law & MA General Law

Licensed Construction Supervisor (MA; Unrestricted): Mark was a self-employed carpenter at age 16.  After college, he became operations manager of a company employing 30 full-time carpenters (7 years).  In 2002, Mark formed Mahar Contracting to separate the business liability associated with construction projects from his growing consulting & entertainment production activities.  Mark’s licenses can be associated with any client development project, with Mahar Contracting is the contracted entity.  Mark has managed and consulted on construction projects up to $18Million.

Architectural Designer: Mark has provided architectural drawings and designs for countless residential and commercial projects (new construction & remodeling).

Vocalist / Bandleader: When Mark’s not working on a client site, creative project or property, you can usually find him over a piece of sheet music or performing with his favorite band (Boston Swing – Rat Pack & American Songbook – the standards).  Mark (artist site) and his national band (Boston Swing) have a casual calendar which continues to improve on a decade-long history of over 1,000 national travel dates, ticketed concerts, corporate events and private engagements.  Mark enjoys two commercial CD releases (available on iTunes; award-winning songwriter), and a continued opportunity to entertain audiences.

Comunity Service:

Buzzard’s Bay Area Habitat For Humanity (Advisory Board Member; Build Committee Chairperson)
Youth-Musician, Actor, Singer & Stage Performer’s Foundation (Founder)
Miss New Bedford Scholarship Organization / Miss America Organization
Hoss’ Dream Machine
The United Way
Saint Mary’s Women & Infants

This Bio was written in the third person for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  (search engines are automated resources – no humans are involved in determining your internet relevance).  I highly recommend that you associate yourself AND your business with anything you put on the internet. – Mark