Strategic Marketing

I am SO VERY PLEASED to announce that I am now making a few of my unique proprietary marketing tools available to the public. This service represents an incredible value…and I have to confess that I’m totally excited about turning the marketing & advertising world on it’s head.


AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION costs $1200/year (80% off)!
REGISTER BY August 31, 2011 and receive unlimited Phone Consultation on any topic.

Here is how it works:

  • Contact us with interest in marketing a website product or service.
  • We analyze your products and services for the best application of our proprietary tools
  • You pay us $1,200 to be included in our marketing and referral system (for one year)
  • We coordinate with you and your webmaster to place the most useful/relevant hosted solutions on your server (sometimes it is just a tracking code).
  • We track and monitor the progress of your internet traffic and sales.
  • After 12months you decide if you received $1200 worth of services and results.

As long as you ride it out for the entire 12 months, I will personally honor any refund request…for ANY REASON (I only ask that you tell me personally why you felt it wasn’t a value).  It couldn’t be easier.

I defy you to find anyone in the SEO, Web or Marketing world who is willing to GUARANTEE RESULTS.  I not only guarantee results, but I guarantee you will experience growth in your business as a result of our relationship.  This will be an exciting relationship and you will enjoy your business more as a result of hiring my company.

  • A substantial boost in web traffic (within 45 days)
  • A substantial boost in online sales and incoming phone calls (within 90 days)
  • Tips and Tricks to help you in other areas of your business (at no fee)

Our internet traffic and sales generation tools rely on a human referral system (not some automated search engine work-around). Visitors to your website are REAL…and they will read every line of your page.

Not only is it legal, ethical and amazing…it is extremely affordable.   Our techniques are a trade secret (don’t even think about asking “how we do it”).  Follow instructions and you’ll be pleased.  Our integrity is our most important asset.  That is why we screen companies (instead of just adding a “buy it now” button to our page).

Where else can you get a marketing campaign that promises to give you measured results AND offers a money-back guarantee (let alone at $1,200)?

  1. If you don’t see the value in our program and strategies we don’t want you as a client.
  2. If you aren’t willing to commit $1,200 to promote your business we don’t want you as a client.

(that’s why I’m willing to refund the entire amount to anyone who sticks with us for a year…and why I have set the budget so low that there is no excuse for even the smallest of companies).

Web Developers, Search Engine Optimization “experts” and Marketing Executives HATE ME…  Not only do I tell them to their face when they waste my client’s money,  I consistently prove that I can do more with a dollar than they can do with $1,000.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve solved complex problems in 30seconds or less, right in the presence of high-paid pretenders.   IT DRIVES THEM NUTS!!!  Ideas are free but you can’t put a value on real talent and common sense.
It only motivates me more to know that my creativity is capable of frustrating people who work in the “creative” industry. ;-)

This is, without a doubt, the smallest single budget scope of work I have offered in my entire consulting career.

More Traffic, More Sales, An Expert Business Strategist, and Marketing tools at your disposal for a whole year.  My competition can’t even touch it.  I defy them to even try.

I’m either completely out of my mind or I have actually figured out a way of making marketing so affordable and profitable that nobody else can even come close to creating this level of value.   After over a decade of consulting for small businesses, artists and inventors, which do you think it is?

I look forward to working with you and having a truly measurable POSITIVE IMPACT on your sales! (I guarantee it or your money back).

- Mark Mahar