Creative Solutions

Simply need a solution?  Get one – immediately.

Simply need an answer? Get one – immediately.

Creativity is our stock in trade – here are some examples:

* Reducing a $2.5M point of entry down to $200k (for a startup)
* Mapping new market segments (like the world’s first online flight school)
Creative Think Tank* Answering a market void (consumer advocacy; student’s bill of rights)
* Category Creators (products & services that don’t exist yet)
* Unique branding and alternative packaging (co-branded campaigns)
* Alternative Financing (perpetual national marketing campaign)
* ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITIES – we see things that many businesses miss.  Looking for a new project or investment?  Give us a call.
Solving problems at pennies on the dollar – that’s what we do for our clients (that’s what we’ve done, repeatedly)

General Services Listing (for Artists, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Clients):

  • $35-$100 Phone Consulting (one-off answers; REAL answers)
  • $100-$150 Logo Design Services (5 Proofs to start; We work it until it is right)
  • $300-800 Licensing Documentation /Compliance (some deals are subject to royalties)
  • $800-$1,000 Custom Website Design (retail or service business, with shopping cart, blog, SEO, etc…)
  • $1,000-10,000 Hosted Web Solutions (applications & software – framework and programming)
  • $1,000-$2,000 Think Tank Team (one-off real-time solutions for complex and nuanced problems)

Seminar / Presentation Management / Event Production / Guest Speaker Coordination & Booking

All other services are hourly / quoted.  Project Management, Training, Documentation, Strategic Mapping, Demographic Studies, Presentation Materials, Media Production, Marketing Campaigns, Compensation Structures, Recruiting, etc…we make your business more maneuverable, credible and memorable for pennies on the dollar.

Business Management Consulting: $116/Hour + Expenses (Aviation, Construction, Retail, Automotive, Entertainment, Real Estate, Acquisitions, Distressed Properties, Intellectual Property, Marketing – IMMEDIATE results) – First call is free.

We enjoy working with hands-on owners (you’re not hiring us to replace your talent – NEVER outsource your core competency).  We are here to make your core talents more valuable to your business AND your customers.  We can launch a whole business, a new division or roll out a new product…but so can you.  Sometimes you just need a little help dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and we’re not offended when our clients say “okay, I can take it from here” (in fact that means we succeeded in providing something useful – we’re part of the solution, when you need us and not a contractual obligation for the life of your project).

We are a confidential “brain trust” for knowledge, advice, support and appearances.

Innovation is Art and we are artists.  We have been exceeding expectations since 2000.