Project Management

Arriving at solutions and implementing those solutions are two different things.

Whether it comes from our desk or yours - with every creative project or solution, comes the inevitable question: “Yeah, but can we do it?”.  YES – we can do it.

“Harry….Harry – I’m not arguing that with you!  I know he can get the job, Harry – but can he do the job?!” – Joe Vs. the Volcano

We understand the importance of having a great management team and the sometimes temporary need for extremely organized leadership (especially when implementing a new idea, division, product or service).

Our resources and talents are vast, we are also candid – if something is out of our talent area we will connect you with someone that has the required skill-set.

Marketing Campaigns (artwork, web, expo organization, presentation, production and media buys)

Purchasing & Negotiation (shopping for the right products, vendors, contractors or employees)

Policies, Procedures & Training (culture, documentation, systemization and tools to communicate with your employees & vendors)

General Business Infrastructure (we’ll get you up and running, compliant with the law, and functioning at an efficiency that you can manage on your own)

Accounts Reconciliation (billing for your services may be easier than collecting it – particularly in the medical field – let our team or a designated specialist bring your accounts into order)

Distressed Properties (we identify them but we are also uniquely equipped to help you revitalize, package and/or exploit them; airplanes, vehicles, real estate, brands, venues, etc…)

NOTE: MLM works for some businesses.  If it works for you, that’s great.  It doesn’t really work for us (honestly, we just have better ways of making things contagious).  We understand the motivation surrounding multi-level marketing and/or network marketing (all the nuances and complexities of performance-based compensation in general).

We have created unique compensation plans for publishers, sales reps, the auto industry, retail, technology, etc.  We can help you package an attractive compensation plan, but we WILL NOT MANAGE or COMMUNICATE or ENDORSE any business which is structured under the multi-level-marketing business model.