What Advertising Buys

There is a difference between Fame & Fortune – I don’t know how many ways I can communicate this to my clients, so I’m just gonna say it:

“Fame is easy. Fortune (on the other hand)…well, that’s kind of a b#tch.” – Mark Mahar

Fame doesn’t require a real plan…it just requires volume, a spotlight or a spectacle.
Fortune requires a plan (and sometimes it even demands silence).

The question isn’t whether you can get in the spotlight, or even if you can convert an audience into customers, the REAL question is:

 ”What do you have if your audience doesn’t act?”

Typically you’ll just have an invoice as proof you paid for your 15minutes of fame.
Instead – We CREATE ASSETS that you can sell or license to get your money back.

Marketing Firms, Advertising Agencies, Publicists and Promoters will all quote you a price to REACH an audience.  Anyone who promises you that an advertising campaign or promotion will be successful for your sales is over-extending themselves (nobody is savvy enough to predict whether your outreach will result in a transaction…they can only guarantee that your message will reach the audience).

At Mahar Enterprises, Inc. we make bold promises but “consumer action” isn’t one of them (it is always the goal, but nobody can make that promise).  We will, however, promise you a safety net – a backup plan.  EVEN IF your advertising campaign or promotion isn’t as successful as it needs to be for your sales, we can promise that any promotion we help you with WILL result in creating an alternative value somewhere else in your business or career…so you’re at least guaranteed to recoup the money you spent on advertising & marketing.

What?  (You might want to read that again.)

Who could possibly secure a marketing campaign with real assets?  WE DO…and you CAN.  Why put your dollars to use “only once” with conventional advertising? You don’t buy anything else in your business to use once (and then throw it away) unless it is a direct expense.  Why should advertising be any different?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement:

“The [PICK ONE] market has 3million customers and if I can just capture [TINY PERCENTAGE] of it, I can make a fortune”
(There are a 20million people who love Frisbees…and if I can reach 1% of them I’ll sell 20thousand of my new toys, right?  Wrong.)
Go ahead – roll the dice on a ”reach only” campaign and see if it pays for the 10,000 units you had to manufacture (or the phone bank you hired for the influx of sales orders which never came to your new 800#).

If I had half the budget that some of my competitors charge for a regional tv ad campaign, I’d be able to put a company on the map (nationally) and inject enough asset creation into a business (just with the savings) that even if the ad campaign fell on it’s face they could still show a net profit by liquidating the new assets (and start all over again).

I’m not saying “buy the cow and get the milk for free”, I’m saying:

“buy the entire farm (for the price of a cow), get the milk for free (and sell the farm if your milk business isn’t what you thought it was gonna be)”.

Who else can promise you that you’ll have a net profit from advertising?  I can.

I would never make the claim that I’ve always succeeded in getting an audience to take action.  BUT, I’ve ALWAYS succeeded in walking away from my investment in marketing with something I could sell for more than I spent on the marketing…and in some cases I’ve had to sell those things (no worries – that’s why I bought them in the first place).

Doesn’t that sound like something that is worth discussing?
Are you paying for advertising right now?
Isn’t the prospect of saving money, creating more assets and reaching a larger (more emotionally connected) audience worth a few minutes of your time.

Call me.  Email me.  Tell me what you’re buying for your money. If I can’t double the effectiveness of your effort and spending (while creating NEW assets) for the same budget or less, I’ll write a feature story about your company AND the campaign you’re running.  I’ll post the story right here on my site - I’ll tell the world you are a savvy business owner who is TRULY getting the full bang for their marketing buck…and that you stumped me (you’ll be the first).

Advertising doesn’t buy a plan…it buys an audience’s attention (like funding a megaphone).  With the decreasing attention span of audiences it becomes increasingly challenging to motivate them towards action.

Advertising isn’t an asset…it is a liability.
Wouldn’t you like your marketing to create assets (and reduce your liabilities)?

Introduce yourself and say, “I would like to see if your Passive Marketing Strategy is the right fit for me”.

Solutions!  It is what we create here (win/win/win).  For example: Either way, one of us will end up impressed, you’re guaranteed to reach a larger audience, and my visitors will have a new product or service to look forward to (bonus: we all learn a little something we didn’t know yesterday).


Let’s discuss your plan, product, service or campaign.  What have you got to lose?

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