Motion Matters (get moving)

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What gets you off your chair and compels you to act?

Everybody has certain things which feed their enthusiasm and enforces a sense of relevance or passionate action.

I’ve found that when I’m in that state of mind (fire in my belly – a sense of purpose), I really don’t care about things which bother or distract most people…because I’m on a path to greatness – a journey towards an echelon of life rather than a validation of financial worth.  One could also argue that financial greatness is an inevitable reward for such a journey (to say nothing of the more important fruits resulting from a simple willingness to travel that distance).

Maybe I’m insulated (false sense of peace on account of existing in a creative bubble of “ideas”) – in any case the result is “motion”.

Mapping a mission or idea (and proving it is within reach) makes me high.

Putting tools, maps, message, amplification and resources within the reach of creative and motivated people is probably the greatest thrill I get out of my work.

People who have this trait become Motivational Speakers, Priests, CEO’s, Inventors, Advocates, Politicians, Consultants, Campaign Managers, etc…the only difference is the “Map” they use and how they use it as a foundation for communication (bible, industry, law, science, history, marketing strategy, etc…), but at their core these people are simply dedicated students of a “map”…with their specific knowledge compelling them (almost involuntarily) in a direction of action.

Is it uniquely human to MAP THINGS and to FOLLOW MAPS?

I don’t ever need to have the public “prestige” that comes with any of the job titles I mentioned above (which drives some people but not me) because I am content being a reliable resource for those people.  Whether people know I’m involved or not, when my work becomes capable of “compelling people” and “eliminating obstacles”, I know I have achieved my purpose in life/business.  If I continue to do it anonymously I still get to enjoy the result privately.  That is contentment that I’ve known, in great abundance, and will continue to enjoy (privately).

Confidentiality is important in the world of art & innovation.

I know that even some of my closest friends have wondered “Seriously, what the hell does Mark really do for a living – he’s all over the ‘MAP’?”

Blueprints, Designs, Schematics, Architecture, Music, Marketing, Strategy, Contracts, Curriculum, Policies, Procedures, Video, Film, Poetry, Advertising, etc - all just part of a “legend” that makes ideas, emotions and resources more “contagious or possible”…from a specific point of reference (the starting point of my clients…and their intended destination).

I’m a MAP MAKER.  I am “almost involuntarily” compelled to map ideas, communicate them, and see someone arrive at a conclusion or destination.  My life is best spent as the “person behind a leader” (despite how many times I’m forced to lead, how willing I am to lead, or how talented I am at doing other things).

So, from your “all over the map” perpetual servant, here’s the legend/key:

  • Motivation IS Motion.  Motion is EVERYTHING.  Motion is the beginning of a journey.
  • Journies are best executed with a MAP.

MAPS GET PEOPLE MOVING.  I like to be moving:

  • If you don’t have a map, make one (you know where you are and where you want to be - chart it).
  • If you don’t have a destination, define one (unless you can afford to journey aimlessly, in which case, enjoy your ride).
  • If you don’t know where you are right now, there’s a name for that (it is called “lost”).  If you are lost you need to talk to someone (anyone you can trust) and get your bearings.  EVERYONE (no matter how highly regarded) has been LOST at one time or another.  DO NOT pick a destination if you don’t know where you are (that’s like saying you want to go to the Bahamas before realizing that you’re closer to Hawaii).

I cycle through all three things constantly.  Where am I?  Where do I want to be?  How do I want to get there?  When I am working, following or delivering a “MAP”, that’s when the world gets out of my way.

We never stop being students, but there is no greater thrill than applying the knowledge you have acquired:

What gets the world out of your way?

“It’s Map time.” (for me anyway)

Art & Innovation – Learn, Teach, Love (honestly)

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