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Simplistic Business Model

…we are geared towards serving your needs.

No Health Insurance Requirements, No Benefits Compliance Issues, No Retirement Plans, No Unions, No Overtime, No Liability, No Wage Contributions, No Wage Garnishments, No Payroll Documentation, No Sales Tax.  We handle our business so you can handle yours.

The net result is a single line-item expense…providing you with the tools or talent you need to keep your business moving in a competitive/profitable (artistic and innovative) direction.


  • Hourly Billable OR Fixed Cost Scopes of Work
  • Easy Pricing – We provide Hard Materials and Labor at our negotiated cost (plus 15%).
  • We show you every dollar of our cost.
  • We will quote it (“not to exceed” budgets for a whole project or just on individual line items).
  • We will handle entire projects and campaigns.
  • Your intellectual property remains yours (documented and secure).
  • Our intellectual property is at your disposal (documented and licensed).
  • We help you control and capture missed revenue.


  • Centralized communication and billing for multiple vendors.
  • All of our providers are 1099 Contractors (in countless disciplines)
  • Individuals or a Team
  • Average Billable Rate of $40/hr
  • Outsourced Research & Development (but you own the results)

Our preferred contractors charge their other clients upwards of $150/hr….yet our average billable rate to you is $40/hr.  There is no debate about whether our service is a value.  We provide the same people that our competitors use.  But you get them at 50-75% less.

We use a mix of local, regional, national and international talent.


If we worked for your company on W2, as an employee, our individual salaries would be 6figures (costing you a minimum of $75/hr after all overhead is factored).

By hiring us on 1099, you save overhead and we retain our autonomy to accept other projects.

Your clients never have to know we exist.

Your company can charge whatever you want to for whatever you ask us to deliver.

(honestly, you wouldn’t be our first client to enlist our services at wholesale, obtain a result from our talented team, and sell/bill that result for much more than you paid for it)


We are not a sales team or brand ambassadors.

You should only enlist our help when you have a clear target, a budget and/or sales.

The only thing anyone on our team will ever solicit for you or your company is the resources needed to deliver our hired scope of work (finding and compensating the best available talent, to deliver on our promises).

We will not solicit your goods and services…or your “investment opportunity” (that is your job).  We will help you create tools to do your job more effectively, but we are not a sales team.  We are contract consultants and project managers.

Please have a “project” in mind when you contact us.

I have personally spent 20 years soliciting investors and partners, developing proposals, and working for startup projects on an equity participation or financier basis (that is how I can afford the luxury of working at wholesale, and why I have been successful in recruiting other talented people).

My teams understand and appreciate that they will not be distracted by the operational components of your business.  Their job is to execute a contracted request…and deliver useful tools.

Mahar Enterprises, Inc. is the only toolbox you’ll ever need.

If you missed it, go back to our home page and see the list of things we do.

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