First a little philosophy about OPPORTUNITY:

We are entrepreneurs and artists.  This is a company principle resulting from the proven personal business development curriculum of the CEO/President, Mark Mahar – a self-proclaimed enthusiastic opportunist and personal development coach.

Who we are and why we do what we do are both anchored the pursuit of unshakeable purpose which gives fruitful life and business activities the best chance of success.

Regardless of any job, task, title or activity (artist, entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, architect, builder, investor, community organizer or charitable figure), Mr. Mahar adamantly expresses that he lives his life (and conducts his enterprise) by one measure:  OPPORTUNITY

Learn, Teach, Love – Honestly

  • Opportunity to LEARN
  • Opportunity to TEACH
  • Opportunity to LOVE
  • Do It HONESTLY – in all interactions and most of all with yourself.  Armed with the facts, understanding, humility and enthusiasm, your prosperity will reveal itself.  You don’t have to be a saint.  This is philosophy not religion.  Real Wealth requires Real Effort.

The career and life experiences resulting from conducting a life and business in that fashion has proven lucrative, fun, enlightening and satisfying.

Opportunity is the first measure of our client relationships.  Why be in business or engage in any enterprise if not for considering it an opportunity?

Great Incomes INEVITABLY follow the proper execution of passion, knowledge, and a willingness to empower others.

There is also absolutely nothing wrong with LOVE including a sincere passion or enthusiasm for personal wealth and freedom – loving yourself and your work enough to feel deserving and driven (the purposeful execution of a life and career).  Money is a critical part of enterprise…and it always arrives where it is earned.