The practical and affordable application of extreme creativity, agility and ambition.

That is what Mark Mahar expressed in 2000 when founding the company.  He  coined the term “Common Sense, For Hire! (TM)”, because he built teams around delivering practical solutions for businesses and artists.  That remains our core offering.

No technical jargon.  No Acronyms. No Corporate Lingo – just simple questions and practical solutions.

Who is your customer and how do we get them to choose you?

What is and isn’t working in your business and how can we make it better?

What is contributing to your success or failure the most and what can be done about it?

Sure, there’s a system.  But every business, owner, artist, innovator or person has a unique challenge – as unique as their version of success.

Great Messaging is difficult.  We know this first hand.

Mark Mahar has a diverse career of clients, businesses, events and projects.  Given the eclectic nature of our CEO’s business background and the always changing team of people supporting an ever-growing menu of services, we too find it challenging to “refine” our skills and business enthusiasm to a limited and clear set of offerings or targets.  Communication remains the key to business.

We are happy to discuss most any project or endeavor, in most any genre or specialty.  But let’s cover the big picture first.

For your most immediate and useful consumption, we offer the following general services:

Category 1 – General Business
(building and maintaining an enterprise)

  • Launch Management – Fitness, Organization & Execution
  • Cost Controls
  • Business Operations – Analysis & Efficiency
  • Sales Management – Transacting your Business effectively
  • Growth Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Vendor Relations / Cost Controls
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Coaching
  • Interim Contract Positions – CEO / Chairman / Advisory Board
  • Artist Management & Production Services

Category 2 – Branding, Public Relations and Outreach
(message, marketing & advertising)

  • Retail Merchandise & Services
  • Company Image / Branding / Outreach
  • Your Story – Sharing it effectively
  • Connecting with YOUR Community
  • Human Resources
  • Personal Coaching
Software & Technology

We’ve tested all sorts of Software Programs for applicability to Client Business.  We’ve launched and managed Websites on multiple platforms in most every coding language.  We’ve screened vendors like Payroll Services, Drop-Shippers, you name it.  From Internet Solutions and Enterprise Software to Credit Card Processing, Social Media, and everything in between.  We aren’t coders or programmers.  We dig into this stuff because it is necessary to have an understanding of software and technology in the 21st century.  We know which resources and vendors play nice together and which don’t (because we have struggled through it, repeatedly, under various conditions and budgets – for decades – growing with an internet which has become a “plug-in” or “add-on” tech culture).  There are cost-effective stop gaps for “right now” and practical “forever solutions”.  We will help you sift through it and identify the right solutions for your business, market , budget and message.  Nobody – NOBODY – should have to spend $80k to launch a website and offer their products online (or be held hostage to a web developer).  Welcome to the digital era.  We offer you keys to the handcuffs.  Unless your business IS an actual software application, there is no reason a $5-12k budget can’t provide everything you need to be operational and transact with your customers.

Need a website? 2019 Website & Shopping Cart Promotion

Creative Solutions

Every brand, campaign, launch, liquidation, or growth plan requires a collection of creative assets to be created, communicated, and useful.  Whether it is wit, innovation, or satisfying a practical need…having the right creative team to analyze the social, political, interpretive elements of your message is critical.  Often times it is YOU, the client, who truly have the best ideas and our team is just there to sift through the best ones for a consistent creative solution.  We analyze everything and reduce it down to simple motives and calls to action.  We help our clients leave the desired impression and elicit the correct response.

Print, Media & Merchandise

Every business sells something.  We help our clients document, brand, manufacture, distribute and exploit their products & services (with a supporting story and materials).

Letterhead, Business Cards, Apparel, Manufacturing, Manuals, Brochures, Raw Materials and Retail Packaging – all professional and ready for your business to transact the work of delivering the best version of your most bold promises.

Our Team

There are countless people behind the scenes of every project we undertake.

Part of what attracts our clients to us is the anonymous nature of our role in their business.

Rest assured – we have plenty of references and plenty of exceptionally talented people who are eager to see you take the credit for your own uniquely executed enterprise, products, art, innovation or career.