1hr Consulation – Phone/Video

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Go ahead – pick our brains.

Have a unique problem or obstacle that you’d like to discuss?

Maybe you have a great idea and don’t have the clarity fully developed to determine how to proceed (or if you should proceed).

One of our LEAD CONSULTANTS will spend an hour with you to discuss your topic of choice and offer up some solutions to get you on the right track.

This one hour phone or video conference conversation will be coordinated ahead of time with some guidelines for your preparedness (at which point we will identify the best Consultant to match you with) :

  • Confidential – what you share with us stays between us
  • Proprietary – your ideas are yours (our creative contribution is also yours)
  • Results Oriented – you’re satisfied or your money back
  • Naming Objectives, Resources, Obstacles, Costs, Solutions and Identifying a Positive Path
  • Post Meeting Research – any commitment we make to “look into” certain aspects of our conversation (documents you shared, links or competitors, etc).
  • Meeting Notes Provided – within 3 business days (to include research findings).
  • Follow Up 15minute Check-In – Two or more weeks later

We disclose any and all foreseeable conflicts of interest prior to and during our conversation.

This 1hr service is offered in an effort to remain the ultimate “phone a friend” for our client’s (without the expense of a retainer)

We are not lawyers, accountants, financial advisors or doctors.  We offer practical advice and help you discern the best way to move forward with whatever made you pick up the phone.

You’ll be pleased with your experience.  I guarantee it or your money back.

Here is an example of some of the topics we have weighed in on for phone consultation:

  • Determination of how much it would cost to acquire a property and modify it in a certain way.
  • Licensing and/or Patent General Cost and Development Questions for a new Product or Service.
  • Connecting with Vendors or Suppliers for a new Product or Service.
  • Solving an unforeseen problem or expensive discovery in a Business, Project or Event
  • A “Great New Idea” and not sure how to discuss it or move forward with other parties while protecting the intellectual property.
  • Protection against an impending change in the market.
  • Getting your Business MOJO BACK! (it happens to all of us – confront it honestly and it happens less frequently)
  • Deciding to liquidate or divide a property or company.
  • Determining the right Social Media or Internet Solution.
  • Cost-Saving alternatives for just about everything.
  • The best way to execute a budget you’ve been assigned to manage (or are about to apply in your business).

“I want YOU to succeed!  I discuss sensitive and confidential information with entrepreneurs and other freelance consultants nearly every day of the week.  This is about you.  I know how to help you get results or I wouldn’t charge for my time.” – Mark Mahar



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